thank you mindy…

thank you mindyscheer, wizards greetings x

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End of days and the invention of You

a girl came into my life and it was “you”

i didnt ask her to, a leg here nor there

but nor did i ask her to think only of “You”

i expected instead to be

but being wasnt enough, it was all about “you”


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whirlwinds and tornados

the whirlwind came and blew,

the end of days that were so full of promise,

to be turned away, no longer born anew,

to know the burnished desert,

to wander lonely, no she, nor heart that grew


AMEN            the fool

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question of the day….

who has the control, the Master or the girl…?

The standard perception is the the Master has total control over his girl, her every thought and action dependent on his need and will. While this may be the case in fictional mental bondage, i put it to you dear reader that this is perhaps not the reality.

case for the prosecution…to enter into a D/s relationship there is always an interaction of emotional dynamic resulting in the attachment of the Master to the slave/sub, a subtle shift appears, the affection for the girl grows and grows. This of course is at variance with the “Big Domly Dom” persona but, i put it to you, members of the Jury,the beauty of the dynamic means he cares so much about her, her opinion counts, ipso facto…she has control too



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Instant Karma

Aisha    SHE who is, what is she?  currently my world, my undivided attention and a reason to smile.

It is a very rare thing indeed, a beautiful connection, those moments in time where two worlds collide, where Karma really is INSTANT,  John Lennon was right, Instant Karma’s gonna get ya, only this one with an arrow to the heart, long may it reign


YOUR man, GW

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A muse ment

I sometimes reflect on the sublime nuances of Control, the perfection of the slaves submission, giving her all the care and nurturing that she deserves, the knowledge that in some ways, the Master is the servant to her submission, who are we to take the supplication of a girl for granted.

A slave gives 100%, a submissive takes 50%

so giving her the rewards of devotion means she reciprocates tenfold

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the little roman empress

How the hell did this happen, you talk to a leg, then the leg has a personality, then the leg becomes a very interesting wench.
Not sure if she deserves my attention but christ, shes something else. If she reads this, she will be so up her own posterior with conceitedness that i may have to seriously bring her back down from the astral plane she is on right now, how the f*** did she fall for me so quickly.

AS no one is reading this i will tell you all, she has the most beautiful smile, i melted completely when i saw her for the first time, but the bitch doesnt get to know that, i got her home safe from vacation, my lady came home

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